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Welcome to Hover Robotix- We bring you a wide range of amazing motorized boards called Two Wheel Self Balancing Motorised Scooters . We bet you never thought commuting could be this fun. Apart from transportation needs, we also cater to your inner child bursting with excitement on the prospect of zooming on a hover board or 2-wheel self balancing electric scooter. We believe in keeping the environment green, thereby doing our bit for the environment with our cutting-edge self balancing electric scooter.

If you want to travel carefree amidst the hustle and bustle of the city at a thrilling speed, we will help initiate your journey. With our hover boards for sale, you get hold of a vehicle that is light in weight and extremely comfortable to ride on.

Our hover boards spell convenience and ease with every turn and glide of the wheel. Hover Robotix offers you Hover Boards ( also called two wheel self balancing electrical scooters ) for first time in India at best quality and the best lowest price. Electric hands-free self balancing scooters will fill your mind with excitement and thrill to explore the scenic beauty of your city.

Battery life is something that might worry you but with our premium grade products, you can rest assured. Backed with a powerful battery that functions without any interruption for 6-7 hours on a stretch, we have the solution for all your needs.

We guarantee that our hover boards and gadgets are the best in the industry, but in case you didn’t get what you wanted, we have you sorted. We believe in complete transparency in our dealings and you will not be disappointed by our services. Hoverboard with bluetooth is the new rage and we have the sleekest models in the market.

From entertainment industries to corporate honchos, everyone is smitten by the ease and beauty of self balancing electric scooter. No matter which corner of India you belong to, we try to deliver your dream wheels at the earliest. Get in touch with us today to move around on a vehicle that is an epitome of style, convenience and luxury!

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